Several fascinating events and courses are being prepared for 5777.Lifelong Learning Cover 15 1620160804 08044651

We will start on Yom Kippor with Rabbi Splansky’s popular class held between the morning and afternoon service.

In October we are planning a field trip to the Harvard Semitic Museum where they have a life size exhibit of ancient Israelite houses.

We will be blessed with courses by Rabbi Splansky, on the Prophet Jeremiah, and by Rabbi Rossoff on “Music and Midrash”.

Jeremiah was one of the most important "literary prophets" of our Bible. He foresaw the destruction

of the First Temple in Jerusalem.  He preached a difficult message.  Loving his people, compelled by his God, and unafraid of danger, ridicule, and persecution, he predicted national calamity and, seventy years later, national restoration.  His dismay and sorrow -- and hopefulness reveal the anguish and optimism of this most personal of all the prophets.

Over the years Jewish composers have had different views of the biblical texts they chose to set to music. Rabbi Rossoff will show us some of these.

We will be offering two courses in beginners’ Hebrew:

  • Beginners’ Hebrew I will be for adults with little or no knowledge of how to read our language of prayer.
  • Beginners’ Hebrew II is a follow-on course in which we will gain proficiency in reading Hebrew through practice. We will read (and sing) many of the prayers familiar to us in the weekly services.

This year for the first time in many years we will be offing a class in Conversational Hebrew. This will be both for aid in understanding our prayers and in speaking contemporary Hebrew for those traveling to Israel.

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