Youth Programs


Beth Am Temple Youth (BATY) is the youth group at Temple Beth Am for teens in grades 8-12. BATY is composed of temple members and Jewish teens in the local community. Our board of 10 high school students facilitate programming, social action, religion, culture and fundraising events. Our youth group advisor, Sarah Rosenthal, works with the group and also teaches in TBA’s religious school. For more information, contact Sarah Rosenthal at 

JBAT, or Junior BATY, is composed of 6 and 7th graders. Upcoming JBAT events are communicated to our temple members and are listed on this web page.  Contact Sarah Rosenthal for more information.

Youth Programs open to all:


What do all of these terms mean?

  • URJ: The URJ, the Union for Reform Judaism, is the congregational arm of the Reform Jewish Movement, founded in 1873 by Rabbi Isaac Meyer Wise. The URJ is comprised of over 900 Reform congregations across North America and seeks to deepen Jewish learning, pursue Social Action, enrich worship, and much more. The current president of the URJ is Rabbi Rick Jacobs. More info at

  • RAC: The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, or RAC, is the DC office of the URJ and is a hub for Jewish social justice and legislative activity in Washington D.C. The current director of the RAC is Rabbi Jonah Pesner. 10th graders at Temple Beth Am will have the opportunity to go on a trip to the RAC and will be able to draft and present legislature on several issues pertinent to American Jews to local senators and representatives. More info at

  • NFTY: The North American Federation for Temple Youth, or NFTY, is a subset of the URJ that focuses on fostering youth engagement and leadership. NFTY provides teens with an opportunity to learn about Judaism, pursue social action, develop strong and lasting friendships and forge their own Jewish identities. There are 19 regions all across North America, and over 500 reform congregations have youth groups affiliated with NFTY. More info at

  • NFTY Northeast: NFTY Northeast, also written as NFTY-NE, is the NFTY region in which Temple Beth Am is a part of. NFTY-NE includes congregations from MA, RI, CT, Upstate NY, ME, NH, VT, and Montreal, Canada. The current Regional Advisor is Joie Magnone ( More info at


There are several NFTY Northeast events over the year that teens in BATY will have the opportunity to attend.

  • Fall/Spring Conclavette: Two weekend-long events that are hosted at chosen NFTY-affiliated temples in the NE region. Teens stay at host homes. Each Conclavette has a specific theme that activities and programming revolve around.

  • Summer/December Institute: Two five-day long events that take place at either URJ Eisner Camp or URJ Crane Lake Camp. A variety of staff and teen-led programs and events take place during these events, and a “camp feel” is extremely prevalent.

For more information about any of our youth programs, please contact youth advisor, Sarah Rosenthal