Lifelong Learning

We at Temple Beth AM are proud of our continuing adult Jewish learning opportunities.  We believe in Jewish adults becoming lifelong learners. Our Adult Education program provides opportunities to give our hearts to learning. Our adult learning program helps us in our collective and individual search for understanding and wisdom. Each year we  continue to offer a diverse learning program of interest to all.

There is no age limit or requirement for learning, except for an open mind.  The Life-Long Learning Program at TBA offers an opportunity for enrichment for congregants of all ages to participate in different activities that can stimulate an interest in Judaism, connect with a diverse membership population and provide a stimulating jumping-off point for further learning.

In the past, we have participated in interesting activities such as a visit to the Yiddish Learning Center and attending a fascinating lecture about Forgotten Refugees told by a person who experienced the painful story as an eyewitness.  We like to attend movies related to Jewish issues too.

Several fascinating events and courses are being offered and prepared for 2018-2019
Rabbi Sobel’s Classes

Rabbi Sobel will be conducting adult B’nei Mitzvah classes, and I-Engage classes led by Rabbi Sobel.  In addition, we continue to support a monthly coffee and conversation once a month with Rabbi Sobel.  The members who attend these casual talks in the TBA library enjoy camaraderie as they discuss various current issues that are of interest to all while enjoying a bag lunch.  These meaningful conversations are open to all and there is no fee and no reservation required.  Anyone who is available during the day is welcome to join.                    

Rabbi’s Coffees

A monthly opportunity to join Rabbi Sharon Sobel in Discussion

Join Rabbi Sobel each month in an informal setting in the Temple Library to discuss a current topic of interest to you. 

No course fee and no reservations required.  Just drop in on time, for any session.

All discussions are from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Feel free to bring a bag lunch!


Rabbi Splansky Class

A tremendous plus for TBA are the classes taught by our Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Donald M. Splansky. 

This class will meet on four Wednesdays in November/December 2019. The class will meet from 7:15-9 pm on Nov. 6, 13, 20 and Dec. 4. The cost is $36 per person.


The Book of Joshua is the first book following the books of the Torah. It deals with the Israelites’ conquest of the land of the Canaanites following the exodus from Egypt. Some questions to be considered:
  • Does modern archeological evidence confirm or deny such a “conquest”?
  • Did the walls of Jericho “come tumblin’ down”?
  • Who were the Gibeonites and what was their fate?
  • What were Joshua’s primary traits of leadership?
  • Did he make “the sun stand still” during the battle?
  • How do you understand miracles in the Bible?
  • Was the original Pentateuch (i.e. Torah) actually a Hexateuch?
Call or email the temple office to enroll and get the assignment sheet (508.872.8300 or )