People get involved for numerous reasons. Some because they want to do meaningful work, others want to give back to their community, or just because they believe in the worth of a group or cause. At Temple Beth Am, we offer many opportunities to get involved, both ongoing and single projects.

Congregation committees, groups, and organizations constantly seek people to bring their fresh ideas, talents, and experience when they join. We take pride in a welcoming and supportive environment filled with meaningful activities. A sense of belonging and inter-connectedness as well as opportunities to work for a unified purpose—the long-term health and well being of our congregation. A spirit of collaboration and organized support that provides visibility, growth and success for Temple Beth Am.

For more information contact: 508-872-8300 We have open seats on a variety of committees. Whether you have one night or 365 nights free, we have a place for you. For more information, please call 508-872-8300 and ask for Ellen.

Israel Action: To promote and be supportive of the State of Israel by providing various programs throughout the year.

Buildings and Grounds:

  • Oversee the upkeep of the physical plant of the temple building
  • Work with temple committees to be sure that planning of building events are handled through the proper process.
  • Manage building use for outside vendors.

Primary work of the committee: “To support and promote Temple Beth Am and its mission through community interaction and philanthropy.”

We accomplish this through a variety of activities including our monthly breakfast/speaker series, participating in Project Ezra; serving Christmas and Easter dinner to local residents at Hastings House, Hosting the annual “Welcome Back” Bar-B Q with Sisterhood, assisting with projects around the Temple, including building the Sukkah, raising funds for major updates to the facility and participating other community events and supporting our Temple’s youth with subsidies and scholarships.

We send Mazel Tov and bereavement cards to temple families. We coordinate shiva observances with the board we can help drive to an appointment if necessary

Social Action:
Temple Beth Am is guided to tikkun olam through social action and the putsuit of social justice by providing extra assistance to those potentially at a disadvantage. The actions are part of tzedakah, which is a Hebrew word for the acts that we call “charity”, also translated to mean rightousness, justice or fairness.

The fundraising committee plans our annual spring “fun and fundraising” event and is always looking for volunteers to help plan the event, suggest talent and make the event a success.

The committee’s priorities are to entice and engage with current and potential members. We need to communicate just how every member of TBA can contribute and how valuable their expertise and experience are to TBA’s viability and growth.

Marketing and Communications
How do we best present Temple Beth Am to the internal and external communities?  Our website, TEBEAM, and our Facebook Page.  Hve other ideas?  We are looking for people with ideas.  No background in marketing or communications is needed.

Sisterhood :  A women’s organization dedicated to

  • Tikkun Olam (repairing the world),
  • Brit Olam (sustaining Jewish continuity)
  • Kehillah (building community)

We are an auxiliary of Temple Beth Am and an affiliate of Women of Reform Judaism

Primary work of the committee: To provide, support and promote all religious observances at Temple Beth Am, to make decisions regarding religious practice, to organize observances like the Community Seder, Selichot Service, etc